AAS Conference Access Information

Instructions for Accessing 2022 Conference Materials Virtually

Step 1: Access the conference website at: https://aas-conference.secure-platform.com/a/organizations/main/home

Step 2: Click on ‘ON-DEMAND SESSIONS’ or 'POSTER GALLERY' from the top navigation bar of the website.

Step 3: If not automatically logged in, you get redirected to a login page, please enter and submit your AAS username and password.

Step 4: Once the username and password are submitted, you will be redirected back to the conference platform and successfully logged in.

CEU Submission & Certificates of Attendance

The virtual conference site tracks attendee participation and session timing. When you have completed all intended conference sessions and/or recordings, please complete the evaluation forms (Conference Evaluation and NIH Grant Questionnaire). ASHA credit requests were accepted until March 30, 2022. AAA credit requests were accepted until June 30, 2022. CEU submission for the 2022 conference is now closed.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.