Board of Directors

Robert Burkard, PhD
(Term: 1/16–12/19, Hearing Science)
University at Buffalo

Anil Lalwani, MD
Past President
(Board Term: 1/12–12/15, 1/16-12/19, Otolaryngology)
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Brent Edwards, PhD
(Term: 1/16–12/19, Industry)
National Acoustic Laboratories

Sumitrajit Dhar, PhD
(Term: 1/14-12/17, 1/18-12/21 Audiology)
Northwestern University

Rafael E. Delgado, PhD (Term: 1/14-12/17, 1/18-12/21 Industry)
Intelligent Hearing Systems 

Dave Fabry, PhD (Term: 1/18-12/21, Industry)
Starkey Hearing Technologies

René Gifford, PhD (Term: 1/16–12/19, Hearing Science)
Vanderbilt University

Lisa L. Hunter, PhD (Term: 1/18-12/21 Audiology)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital and University of Cincinnati

Francis Kuk, PhD (Term: 1/18-12/21, Industry)

Charles J. Limb, MD (Term: 1/14-12/17, 1/18-12/21 Otolaryngology)
University of California San Francisco

Devin L. McCaslin, PhD (Term: 1/18-12/21 Audiology)
Mayo Clinic, Rochester

John Oghalai, MD (Term: 1/16–12/19, Otolaryngology)
Stanford University

Brenda Ryals, PhD (Ex Officio; Editor-in-Chief, Ear & Hearing)
James Madison University

Kelly Tremblay, PhD (Term: 1/12–12/15, 1/16-12/19 Audiology)
University of Washington

Andrea Vambutas, MD (Term: 1/16–12/19, Otolaryngology)
Long Island Jewish Medical Center & North Shore University Hospital