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Foundations of Auditory Research (FAR) Mentoring Videos
Current FAR Videos include: How to Construct and Deliver an Effective Scientific Presentation, How to Write a Manuscript, and How to Plot Your Data

Online Seminar - Formula NRSA: Writing, Winning, Wrestling Mentored Awards
Presented: Friday, May 6, 2022

Online Seminar - spAAS Mentoring Conference
Presented: Friday, October 23, 2020

Online Seminar - Disparities in Hearing Health Care
Presented: Friday, August 28, 2020

Inaugural Killion Lecture - The Problem of Understanding Speech in Noise: Measurement, Prevention and Mitigation
Presented: Friday, March 6, 2020


Other News / Announcements

LIFTOFF. The ideas4ears Children’s Invention Contest Launches! 
The ideas4ears Children’s Invention Contest Supported by MED-EL is Back - posted November 28, 2022

Lecture to Celebrate the Most Recent Recipient of the Hugh Knowles Prize for Distinguished Achievement
Barbara Canlon, PhD; Noise Trauma: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - posted October 11, 2022

Survey Invitation
Disability Terminology Project Questionnaire - posted February 15, 2022

Michael F. Seidemann, Ph.D. - posted January 10, 2022

Survey Invitation
Pediatric Spatial Hearing Questionnaire - posted January 4, 2022

Book Now Available
OF SOUND MIND How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World by Nina Kraus, AAS Member and 2021 Conference Speaker posted November 5, 2021

Survey Invitation
Study on Virtual, Online, or Simulation Teaching Tools in Audiology - posted July 27, 2021

Survey Invitation
COVID-19 and Hearing Loss Survey - Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada - posted May 17, 2021

Robert Frisina, Sr., PhD - Obituary | Autobiography prepared for The Hearing Journal - posted April 1, 2021

Conference Announcement
The Fifth International Meeting on Internet & Audiology, Hosted by Rush University - posted January 14, 2021 

Conference Announcement
Symposium of the International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group (IERASG), Online Conference: 14th June - 9th July, 2021
 - posted December 23, 2020

Robert A. Dobie, July 26, 1945 - September 4, 2019 - posted September 11, 2019

Kavli Prize
A. James Hudspeth, 2007 American Auditory Society Carhart Lecturer, receives Kavli Prize - posted June 5, 2018

AAS Panel in the News!
New Research in Hearing Loss - posted November 9, 2017


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