NIDCD Research Career Transition Award for Nurturing Clinician-Investigators (K22)

This FOA represents a precedent-setting use of the K22 Career Transition Activity Code at NIH.  It targets new and recently appointed tenure-track or equivalent clinically trained (physician and non-physician) assistant professors who have demonstrated a keen interest in forging an independent clinician-scientist career track in fundamental, translational or patient-oriented research within the NIDCD research mission in tandem with clinical practice, but lack sufficient research training and experience to successfully compete for NIDCD funding through the Mentored Clinician-Scientist Development Award (K08) or Mentored Patient-Oriented Career Development Award (K23) programs.  NIDCD requires its K08/K23 applicants to have an aggregate of at least two years of prior research experience and expects that first-authored, peer-reviewed scientific publication output will have emerged from that research experience.  It provides such faculty members with two years of salary support for protected research career development time and limited research support to gain the scientific knowledge and hands-on laboratory or other relevant experience under the guidance of a qualified research mentor and to generate publishable preliminary data needed to forge a more sustained and advanced research career development program as a follow-up K08/K23 application.