The Society is a multi-disciplinary association composed of individuals whose professional employment is dedicated to the ear, hearing, and/or balance.  These include those engaged in audiology, otolaryngology, hearing science and psychoacoustics, and sciences related to bioengineering and other disciplines.  The mission of the Society is to foster the dissemination of knowledge and exchange of information among these professionals.

The Society's specific goals are to increase knowledge and understanding of:

  1. The ear, hearing and balance;

  2. Disorders of the ear, hearing, and balance, and prevention of these disorders; and

  3. Habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing and balance dysfunction


The Society accomplishes its specific goals through publication of professional, scientific, educational, and informational media and through regular interdisciplinary meetings.  A fundamental commitment of the Society is to promote actively the highest level of interdisciplinary cooperation in pursuing its goals.